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How do I adjust the GST in Billing Wizard when it rounds the amount up or down?

This support note applies to:

  • AO Practice Manager (NZ)
  • AO Practice Manager (AU)
  • AE Practice Manager (NZ)
  • AE Practice Manager (AU)
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In MYOB Practice Manager (PM) when raising an invoice you may find that the system is rounding the tax amount one cent up or down.

For example, you may need to raise a bill with the Gross amount of $500.00.  The Net amount you key in is $454.55 and the system calculates the tax as $45.46 therefore rounding the Gross amount to $500.01.

To change the total Gross amount back to $500.00 you need to edit the Tax amount at Stage Three of the Billing Wizard to $45.45. This creates a hyperlink in the Actual (Required) Total/Tax field, click into the hyperlink and select an Assignment and 'Type' of miscellaneous charge which allows you to continue to the end of the Billing Wizard with the correct Gross amount of $500.00.

Adjusting the tax as above creates a Miscellaneous Charge of -0.01 on the client.
These instructions for adjusting the tax amount should ONLY be applied when the amount is rounding up or down one cent. 
How to edit tax amount at Stage Three of the Billing Wizard
For this example, the Net amount will be $454.55 with $45.46 calculated as the Tax amount.
Perform the following steps in PM.
  1. From the Billing Wizard click Next to navigate to Stage Three. Stage Three of the Billing Wizard appears.

    If opening a draft bill from outside the billing wizard, click on the Paragraph icon.
  2. In the paragraph line, click in the Tax field $45.46, edit to $45.45 and press Enter. The Actual (Required) Total/Tax field displays 45.46 as a hyperlink (bottom right-hand corner). See Example 1.
  3. Click the $45.46 hyperlink field. The Select Client Assignment / Select Client Job screen appears. The following screen will appear depending on your product suite:
    Accountants Enterprise: Select Client Assignment
    Accountants Office: Select Client Job
  4. Highlight the relevant Assignment/Job and click Add. The Create new tax only entry screen appears.

    Make sure the date is within the same month as the date of the invoice.
  5. Select Miscellaneous Charge code from the Type field and click OK. The amount displays as $45.45 in the Actual (Required) Total/Tax field.

  6. Click Next to continue to complete and post the bill.

Example 1




Internal Notes


In versions of AE PM prior to 5.2: Should the occasion arise, where you need to reverse an invoice where the GST has been adjusted, you will need to adjust the GST in Stage Three of the reversal invoice to the amount it was adjusted to originally.  Before reversing an invoice, it is best run a Debtors invoices by client report for the date of the initial invoice to check the amount of tax on the posted invoice & then ensure that the GST in Stage Three has the same amount as a negative in the Tax column.

Important Note: In versions of AE Practice Manager prior to 5.0, a Sales Day Book by Client report should be run.

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