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How do I enter comparative amounts in non-transaction data so that the values appear when generating a report for the next year?

This support note applies to:

  • AE Reporter (AU)
Article ID: 30641

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) Reporter, when generating a report for the current Year which draws on information entered through Non-transaction Data, the data entered in the previous Year may not appear as comparative amounts.

This can occur if you entered the prior year values in the prior Reporter Year instead of the prior year Ledger Year.  The Reporter Year controls the design of the reports and the Ledger Year controls the year from which the values are retrieved.  This is the case for values in the General Ledger and in Non-transaction data.

For example, when in the 2014 Reporter Year, to enter the comparative Non-transaction data amounts for 2013, change the Ledger Year to 2013 leaving the Reporter Year as 2014. The data you enter in Non Transaction Data this way appears correctly as the comparative amounts.

If you create records in Non-transaction data; for example in a table using multiple records, ensure the name of the record is identical in both years. This information is also case sensitive.
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