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How do I set up a new General Ledger with comparatives?

This support note applies to:

  • AO Classic General Ledger (AU)
  • AO Classic (NZ)
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When starting a new ledger and comparatives are required, a ledger must be created in the previous year as a period ledger and the trial balance must be entered. E.g. 2013 ledger with 2012 comparatives.

Before beginning data entry you will need to create two trial balances from the prior accounts. One for the opening balances for that year (e.g. as at 1/4/2011) and one for the movements during the year.
See the table below for an example.

2016 Accounts2015 Accounts Opening BalancesMovements
Revenue   20162 Revenue
Expenses   2016 Expenses
AssetsAssets 2015 Assets2016 Assets less 2015 Assets
LiabilitiesLiabilities 2011 Liabilities2016 Liabilities less 2015 Liabilities
CapitalCapital 2015 Capital2016 Capital less 20151 Capital
How do I set up a new General Ledger with comparatives
  1. Press F4 on you keyboard to create a new ledger in the Select General Ledger window. The Adding a New Ledger window appears.

  2. Enter details for the entity and select to copy from the appropriate template (e.g. 50 Exempt Coy Template FRS)

  3. Click Add Ledger. The ledger is created and the Ledger Configuration window appears.

  4. Enter the details for the entity, including the year end date (e.g. 31/03/2016) and select Record Period Balances.

  5. Click OK. The ledger builds and the General Ledger (Trial Balance) window appears.

  6. Select Transaction Entry. The Transaction Entry Options window appears.

  7. Select 99-opening balance in the Accounting Period and click OK.

  8. Enter the opening balance trial balance and click OK.

  9. Click Post Transactions and Exit.

  10. Click Transaction Entry. The Transaction Entry Options window appears.

  11. Select 3-March 2012 in the Accounting Period and click OK.

  12. Enter the movements trial balance, click OK.

  13. Click Post Transactions and click Exit.

  14. Click the General Ledger menu and click End of Year Rollover. The End of Year Rollover Wizard appears.

  15. Follow the prompts to roll the ledger into the current year (e.g. 31/03/2017).

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