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Incorrect spacing on the Compilation Report in Reporter

This support note applies to:

  • AE Reporter (AU)
Article ID: 38190

In MYOB Reporter version 3.4.5 you may experience spacing issues in the following Compilation Reports:

  • Cell A12 and A34: Compilation Report Non Reporting - Multiple format and
  • Cell A12: Compilation Report Non Reporting - Singular format.

MYOB has addressed this issue in MYOB Reporter, 3.4.6.
Please refer to the my.MYOB Product Downloads page, Australia to download the latest release.

Prior to the current release, to resolve this issue you can amend Cell A12 and/or Cell A34 to add the spaces required.

How to open Report Designer at Practice level

For more details refer to Accessing Practice Level Report Designer

How to edit the format

Perform the following instructions from within Practice Report Designer window.

  1. Click Formats tab. The list of formats appears.

    The Formats tab is located at the bottom left side of the Practice Report Designer window.
  2. Double click Compilation format. The format opens in the right-hand pane.
  3. Highlight the Compilation report noted above that you need to amend and select Edit Format. The Format Editor window appears.
  4. Click in the condition cell on row A12 and/or A34 and add any spacing requirements. The report formula displays in the formula bar.
  5. Click Save icon located in the top menu bar to save the changes. The Compilation Report should now appear with the additional spacing.




MYOB Internal Note:

Insert PR# 135697622328

SR#     135677052746 

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