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Integrating MAS values into AE Tax

This support note applies to:

  • AE MAS (AU)
  • AE Tax (AU)
Article ID: 36401

MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) Tax allows you to import values from AE Management Accounting System (MAS) ledgers.  This process transfers the values from the Trial Balance in your general ledger to the relevant items in the tax return.

Once you import the values into AE Tax, if you make any changes in MAS, you will need to perform the import process again to transfer the updated values. 

The process of importing overwrites values already in the tax return for the relevant fields.

Tax Return TypeFields
  • Income tab.
  • Financial tab.
Trust and Partnership Tax Return
  • Income tab.
  • Other Information tab.
  • Business & Professional tab.

The values for an individual return are imported in regard to the Business items tab.  During the import you have a choice of where to import the data into the tax return, either Business income or Professional services income.

  • Business income - Item P8.
  • Personal services income - Item P1 Part B.
To transfer values from MAS to Tax

To perform the transfer of values from MAS into AE Tax select the tax return without opening it.  How you achieve this depends on how you access your tax returns.  Click the following link for your relevant access method:

If you access your Tax returns..Do this...
via System Release
  1. Open System Release and open the relevant folder, for example SQL TAX. The SQL TAX ledger list appears.
  2. Double-click the ledger for the relevant tax year, for example Tax2013. The Select Return list appears.
  3. Highlight the relevant return. The return is selected.
via Accountants Enterprise
  1. Open MYOB AE and open the relevant client's page. The client's details opens on the Main tab.
  2. Click the Tax ledger link under Applications in the Tasks panel.
    The AE Tax 20xx window opens, where 20xx is the tax year that you are working in, and displays the tax return of the selected client.
To import values from MAS into Tax
  1. Follow the menu path: Reports > Integration > MAS Integration. The Warning window appears advising that any existing values in the tax return relating to areas to be imported via this process will be overwritten.
  2. Click OK. The Select folder window opens.
  3. Double-click the S6client folder. The Select item window appears. 

    If you are importing for an Individual return, the Select Method window appears with the options of Business income and Personal services income. Select the required option and click OK. The values are imported into the tax return and the message "Balances transferred" appears.
  4. Click the required MAS ledger and click Select. The values are imported into the tax return and the message "Balances transferred" appears.

    If your MAS ledger resides in a different folder, select the relevant folder containing the MAS ledger

  5. Click OK. The selected return appears. 

  6. Open the tax return and review the values. 
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