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Lodging a Form 6010 to deregister a company via Corporate Compliance

This support note applies to:

  • AO Corporate Compliance (AU)
  • AE Corporate Compliance (AU)
Article ID: 34326

Up until 1 October 2014 you can lodge Form 6010 either via paper lodgement of the form generated from Corporate Compliance or electronically via the ASIC portal.

After 1 October 2014 you can only lodge this form electronically via the ASIC portal. This is due to ASIC no longer accepting Form 6010 via paper lodgement.

You can still generate the Form 6010 in Corporate Compliance for storage of this form with the company's records in Corporate Compliance.
When upgrading to MYOB Corporate Compliance version 3.2, you will be able to lodge these electronically via Corporate Compliance.
To prepare a Form 6010 to deregister a company

In MYOB Corporate Compliance, click the Corporations item in the TASKS bar and click Application for Deregistration

For detailed instructions regarding how to generate Form 6010 - Application for voluntary deregistration of an Australian company refer to Applying for deregistration (Form 6010).


Please include Problem SR 12037714439 on the client's SR for this feature.

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