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Menus and icons missing from the Contacts window

This support note applies to:

  • Profiles (AU)
Article ID: 27652

In the Contacts module, the menu Dummy may be the only menu item that displays, and icons may be missing. This most commonly occurs when an install of Contacts does not complete successfully. Contact MYOB Support quoting this article number and also supply the size and last modified date of the file in the proto directory, as well as whether the error appeared after installing.

To determine the location of where the file resides, check your ceedata.ini file.

The location of the ceedata.ini file can change depending on your network and operating system. Refer to the table below for standard locations.

Network or Operating System


Windows 7


Windows 8


Windows 10

C:\Windows\ceedata.ini C:\Users\MYOB\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows

Terminal Server - users copy


Terminal Server - server copy


Note: The ceedata.ini may reside in other directories on a terminal server environment.  
To check the size and modified date of
The instructions below are for a small business server. Substitute the correct location for your environment at the above table

 1.      At the Windows desktop, click Start and select Run. The Run screen appears.

2.      Type Ceedata.ini in the Open field and click OK. The ceedata.ini - Notepad screen appears.

3.      Note the PROTO_DIR path eg PROTO_DIR=s:\MYOB\proto, and close Notepad.

4.      At the Windows desktop, click Start and select Run. The Run window appears.

5.      Type s:\MYOB\proto in the Open field and click OK. The files within this directory appear.

6.      Highlight, right-click and select Properties. The - Properties screen appears.

7.      Under the General tab, note the Size and Modified date and click OK.




The menus and icons that appear in Contacts are determined by the modules installed. Information in the MASTER.PRO database controls which menus display.

If menus and/or icons are missing, in the Configuration module from the Help menu select Register MYOB AE software to check what modules have been installed, as sometimes this issue can occur when the Profiles and Timecost Modules have been removed in the licensing screen.

If the only menu that appears is Dummy, then the MASTER.PRO is likely to be very small and have a last modified date of today's/recent date. The modified date should display the date of the last installation.

Re-Installing MYOB AE can correct these issues, but only if the correct modules are listed in the CDS.DIR database > CONFIG table. If a module is missing in the database/table above, menu icons/buttons will be missing in Contacts. In this case, unless the missing modules are added back into the CDS.DIR > CONFIG table, the re-install will not correct the issue.

To check this, perform a DBED on the CDS.DIR database to confirm if the relevant lines are present:

(Note: You should only perform the following if you are familiar with running the DBED utility and its related commands, and you should always run a Datasafe backup prior to using the DBED utility. In addition, you should exit all users from the software before running the commands below).


0~CSS~ (Corporate Compliance)

0~FMA~ (Accounts icon)

These may be added in manually using the update command in the DBED. If the lines are already in the config table, go directly to step 6 below:

1. At the curly bracket (}) type u config, and press Enter

2. Type 0~CMS~, and press Enter

3. Type 0~PDT~, and press Enter

4. Type 0~CSS~, and press Enter

5. Type 0~FMA~, and press Enter

6. Type a full stop (.), and press Enter. The curly bracket appears at the next line.

7. Type s config, and confirm that the two lines above now show up in the config table.

8. Go to Start > Run and type CMD. The DOS prompt screen opens.

9. Type, or copy and paste the following line:

crunw32 mon.addprod -c -g0 -pPDT S:\MYOB\proto\

(Where s:\MYOB is your program location).

NOTE: This may not run, if the path includes spaces, if so, please use the CD command to change to s:\myob\bin, then paste in command

10. Type, or copy and paste the following lines:

crunw32 mon.addprod -c -g0 -pCMS S:\MYOB\proto\

crunw32 mon.addprod -c -g0 -pFMA S:\MYOB\proto\ (if accounts icon is missing)

crunw32 mon.addprod -c -g0 -pCSS S:\MYOB\proto\ (if Corp Compliance icon is missing)

(again, where s:\MYOB is your program location).

11. Once completed, navigate to the program (bin) directory (i.e. s:\myob\bin), locate and double-click DatabaseSetup.exe. This will manually re-run the database upgrade executable for all selected databases (selected from within the DatabaseSetup.exe application). Run this for the required database.

12. When the DatabaseSetup.exe program has completed, re-open Contacts, and test that you can now see the correct menus and icons.


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