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Migrating your MYOB AE Non integrated Corporate Compliance to a new server

This support note applies to:

  • AE Corporate Compliance (AU)
Article ID: 30820



This article is an overview of how to migrate MYOB AE Non integrated Corporate Compliance to a new Server. The procedure involves a new installation of the program files on the new server and restoring the database on the new server.

MYOB provides a Migration Service. If you have any doubts or concerns about completing this migration yourself, please contact your local MYOB office and arrange for one of our Consultants to perform the migration for you. This service may require a booking, so please plan well in advance.

It is important that someone who is competent with the Microsoft Windows operating system manages the migration.

If you experience issues with MYOB software after following the instructions below, additional assistance on your migration may fall outside of the terms of your Sales and Service Agreement.

Please read through these instructions prior to undertaking the migration process.


To migrate MYOB AE Non Integrated Corporate Compliance, you will need to:

1. Backup the current database on the old server

A current backup of the Corporate Compliance database is required to migrate the data to the new server.

Note down the backup file name and the backup files location path when running a backup.

To back up the Corporate Complaince datbase follow the menu path  Start > Program > Solution 6 > Corporate Compliance > Backup > Settings.

2. Install Corporate Compliance on the new server

For more details on installing Corporate Compliance please refer to the Corporate Compliance Installation Guide on the Corporate Compliance installation CD. After completing the server installation the latest hot fixes or service packs need to be installed these can be downloaded from the MYOB support website.

3. Restore the database on the new server
  1. Follow the menu path: Start > Programs > MYOB Accountants Enterprise or MYOB Accountants Office > Corporate Compliance Utilities > Backup. The Corporate Compliance Utilities window is displayed.
  2. Click Settings from the task menu. The Backup files location window is displayed.
  3. Click Verify. The Settings window is displayed.
  4. Click Backup and Restore. The Backup and Restore window is displayed.

    If the backup file is not displayed on the list please click on View > Refresh or close and reopen the CC Backup module.
  5. Highlight the name of the backup file that was copied from the old server and click Restore. The Restore window is displayed.

    If the backup file is not displayed in the list please exit out of the Backup module and reopen the Backup program to allow the system to refresh the list.
  6. Click OK. The Overwrite the current database window is displayed.
  7. Click OK. The Restore successful window is displayed.

The Corporate Compliance database has been successfully migrated to the new server.

The database will restore the settings of the old server, please check the following paths in the Corporate Compliance Utilities module and change if necessary.

  • Backup files location
  • Electronic lodgement path
4. Reinstall the workstation from the Corporate Compliance disk

The workstation installs needs to be run from the MYOB AE Corporate Compliance disk. Please see the installation guide on the Corporate Compliance installation CD for full instructions.

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