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MYOB AE Tax 2018.0 Rollover - Incorrect rate for 2019 Provisional uplift

This support note applies to:

  • AE System Release (NZ)
  • AE Tax (NZ)
Article ID: 39212



In MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE Tax) System Release when performing the End of Year Rollover in Tax Tracking for 2018, you may find that the 2019 Provisional uplift rates are incorrect.

 The uplift is set to 100% instead of 110% for IR3, IR3N, IR8 and IR9's. This issue only affects non-Tax Manager users.

If you are yet to complete the Rollover, refer to Step 7 - Check Pre rollover settings of the Rollover Guide (non-Tax Manager) to check and adjust if necessary.

If you have completed the Rollover, refer to the steps below to purge returns already rolled for 2018 in Tax Tracking, then correct uplift and repeat rollover.

Before performing a Purge, please ensure you have taken a backup of your Tax database e.g. SQLTAX.
To purge returns for clients already rolled with incorrect uplift
  1. From Tax Tracking, check for any 2018 clients you do not want to be deleted and mark these clients as Retain in Properties > General > Flags.
  2. Select Utilities > Special Routines > Purge. The Purge a Range of Returns window opens.

  3. In the Purge returns from: and to: fields, enter 2018. Then click OK.

  4. Once the purge is complete, please refer to Step 7 - Check Pre rollover settings of the Rollover Guide (link provided below in step 5) to check and correct the rates to 110%.

  5. Perform the rollover again as per the MYOB AE Tax 2018.0 Rollover Guide - non Tax Manager.

  6. Confirm the uplift is correct.


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