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Number of share to pay dividends are incorrect

This support note applies to:

  • AE Corporate Compliance (AU)
Article ID: 37749

In Corporate Compliance when setting up an interim or final dividend, you may encounter a difference between the total of the shares held versus the total number of shares to have dividends paid against them.

 This shortfall is caused by more than one transaction date being the same on more than one transaction. The duplicate transaction dates may be from allotments, transfers or a combination of both.

To confirm that there are duplicate dates, click on the Members tab and click on the column date heading to sort the holdings by date and review for any duplicate dates.In order to work around this issue, you will need to temporarily alter one or more transaction dates so there is no duplicate date.

To resolve this issue you need to:

  1. Take note of the transaction you wish to change and note down the date.
  2. Change one or more of the transaction dates to ensure these duplicate dates do not exist.
  3. Generate your dividend documents.
  4. Change the transaction date back to the original date as noted in step 1
It is much simpler to change the transaction date of a transfer

If you attempt to amend an allotment of shares your will receive the warning The selected transaction is linked to a share issue and cannot be changed.

If there are only share issue transactions, the holding would need to be deleted and re-created with the alternate date, as the share issue dates are not amendable

To change the transaction date on a transfer
  1. Click on Members Tab.
  2. Right click on the holding to be modified.
  3. Click on Change Transaction Details.
  4. Edit the date and click OK.
  5. Click Yes to proceed with the change.
To Delete a Share Issue
  1. Click on Capital Tab.
  2. Highlight the required allotment.
  3. Right click and select "Delete share issue".
    The "Delete share issue" window appears with two tabs displayed.
    If you have not taken note of the allotment details, you can click on Allotment Details tab to note down this information.
  4. Click Delete to complete.
    A message "The share issue and all associated transactions, including allotments and subsequent transfers and cancellations will be permanently removed from the database. Are you sure?"
  5. Click Yes to continue with deletion, if you are sure.
  6. Complete the allotment again with all the relevant details with a different date.
  7. Generate your dividends
  8. Delete and re-create the allotment again with the old date if necessary.
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