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Part time employees appearing on Missing Timesheets

This support note applies to:

  • AE Practice Manager (NZ)
  • AE Practice Manager (AU)
Article ID: 34753

You may have some employees that only work part time on a weekly basis and are appearing on the Missing Timesheets report.

If there is a timetable setup under the Employee > Time Table tab, then the system displays them as missing if no timesheet for that day was recorded. If there is no timetable setup for the employee, then the system will look at the default timetable from the Employee Category displayed on the employee's Main tab.

If an employee is not expected to work on any set days;

  • Create a new employee category called 'Part Time' for example, with no hours/timetable setup; and
  • Link this new category to the employee record to avoid employee's appearing on the Missing Timesheet report.

If an employee work 10 hours a week for example, it is recommended to put the 10 hours against a single day so they appear in Productivity reports. Going forward when an employee changes from full time to part time, it is recommend that you create a new employee with their new standard hours so it doesn't affect the prior year productivity percentages in the Productivity reports.


To setup a new Employee Category
  1. Follow the menu:Maintenance > Employee > Employee Categories. Type in Part Time for example, at the Name field.
  2. Close to save changes.
To link Part Time category to the employee
  1. Open the employee's Main tab and select the new category Part Time from the Category field.
  2. Press OK to save.
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