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PDF Manager stopped working when printing or importing documents

This support note applies to:

  • PDF Manager (AU)
  • PDF Manager (NZ)
Article ID: 36774

In MYOB PDF Manager you may experience the system appears to have stopped working when you print or import documents.

This can occur when attempting to print or import a large file, which may take some time to process.

If you prefer to cancel the print or import, you need to clear the MYOB PDF Manager print spool.

To clear the MYOB PDF Manager print spool

Ensure that PDF Manager and PDF Manager monitor has been closed (PDF Manager monitor is located on the Task Bar near the clock).

  1. Click Start and select Run. The Run window opens.

    If using Windows 7 or 8 and the Run option is not in the Start menu. Press the Windows button + R.

  2. Type %appdata% and click OK. The Windows Explorer window opens.

  3. Double click on the PDF Manager folder. The PDF Manager folder opens.

  4. Double click on the Working folder. The Working folder opens.

  5. Highlight and delete all files in the Working folder. Close the window.

MYOB PDF Manager print spool is now cleared and you can open MYOB PDF Manager

If the issue persists

  1. Open My Computer and navigate to the following path:
    C:\MYOB\Knowledge Management\PDF Manager\<username>\Data\Printed folder.

  2. Delete all the files in the Printed folder.

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