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Preparing an ASIC Form for a Change of Officers Name

This support note applies to:

  • AE Corporate Compliance (AU)
Article ID: 30155

After making the change to the name of the person in Contacts or Viztopia, follow these steps:

To prepare a form for a change of officer's name.
  1. Click on Messages from Corporate Compliance task menu. The Name and address changes from Profiles window is displayed.
  2. Highlight the change and click on Generate form from the task menu. The Notify change of name or address window is displayed.
  3. Ensure that the checkbox for the type of change you want are ticked and click Next. The Change of Person's name window is displayed.
  4. Type the Date of name change and click Next. The Select the documents you wish to produce window is displayed.
  5. Ensure that the Form 484 checkbox is ticked and click Next. The Select the companies that require notification to the ASIC is displayed.
  6. Select the checkbox for the companies that you want to Create an ASIC form or document for and click Next. The Enter signing officer and date window is displayed.
  7. Click Change details and select Signing officer from the drop down menu and click OK. The window is returned to the previous screen.
  8. Click Next. The Finish window is displayed.
  9. Ensure that the checkbox for Form 484 - Notification of change of name and/or address is selected and click Finish.

You have now completed Form 484 - Notification of change of name and/or address. The form is displayed in the ASIC Forms task menu, and can be lodged via ELS as normal. 



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