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Printing a list of practice letters in AE Tax via System Release

This support note applies to:

  • AE Tax (AU)
Article ID: 29607

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE), if you access AE Tax through System Release, you can print a list of your practice letters.

To print a list of practice letters

Perform the following instructions from the Select Return screen within AE Tax in the relevant tax year.

  1. Go to Reports > Letters. The Print Letter Options window appears.
  2. Click Edit. The cursor appears in the Letter code field.
  3. Press F10 on your keyboard. The Select Letter window appears.
  4. Go to File > List. The Record Selection window appears.
  5. Click OK. The Print window appears.
  6. Click Preview. The Letter types window appears.
  7. Click All. A list of all your practice letters appears.
  8. In this window, select your print options:
    • Which letters?
      • To only print the client letters, select Client only.
      • To only print the master letters, select Master only.
    • Output?
      • Print the list.
      • Print to PDF.
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