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Producing rounded reports from Reporter in MAS

This support note applies to:

  • AE Reporter (AU)
Article ID: 16218

When using MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) Reporter in a Management Accounting System (MAS) ledger you have the option to select rounded reports.

When you select this option, the values shown on the reports are from the MAS ledger rounded fields, which are different to the MAS fields showing dollars and cents. Therefore to ensure these rounded values are up to date you need to run the Round Balances routine prior to selecting the rounded reports option in Reporter.

To round balances
  1. Open the MAS ledger and follow the menu path Reports > Freeform Reports > Round Balances. The Round Account Balances screen appears with the cursor in the Profit & Loss field.
  2. Enter an account code for the profit and loss rounding amount to be applied and press ENTER.
  3. The cursor appears in the Balance Sheet field.
  4. Type an account code for the balance sheet rounding amount to be applied and click OK.
  5. The rounding routine occurs and the MAS ledger appears. Rounded values in reports are now up to date.
To apply rounding
  1. Open the MAS ledger and follow the menu path Reports > Reporter > Generate Reports. The Reporter window opens.
  2. Click Apply Rounding in the Task Pane under the Settings heading. Apply Rounding is selected.

    If the Task Pane is not visible click the Toggle View icon to the left of the Reports button. 
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