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Property, Plant and Equipment Summary showing entity has not received any significant donated assets

This support note applies to:

  • AE Reporter (NZ)
Article ID: 38833

In MYOB AE Reporter version 3.4.300 you may experience the Property, Plant and Equipment Summary note shows that the entity has not received any significant donated assets during the course of the year that were not recorded in the Notes to the Financial Statements.

This issue occurs where the following conditions have been applied in the Non-Transaction Data > Notes header:

  • Contents > FixedAssets > FixedAssetsDonated = 0
  • PrintControl > FixedAssets > FixedAssetsDonated = No

We have addressed this issue in AE Reporter, version 3.5.100.
Download the latest release on the my.MYOB Product Downloads page, New Zealand.

 Prior to this release, to hide the Fixed Assets Donated note to the Financials where no donated assets have been received, modify the Fixed Assets without Revaluation format and add the following condition to row 17: =AND(LEN(DB.Notes.Contents.FixedAssets.FixedAssetsDonated)=0,DB.Notes.PrintControl.FixedAssetsDonated="Yes")


To access the Practice Report Designer

For details on this process refer to Accessing Practice Level Report Designer

To amend the Secretarial Directors Meeting format
  1. Click the Formats tab. The list of formats appears.
  2. Double-click the Notes — Fixed Assets without Revaluation format. The format opens in the right-hand pane.
  3. Click  the condition cell at row 17 and press the DELETE key on the keyboard. The condition formula is deleted.

    The condition cell is the blue cell to the left of column A
  4. In the condition cell at row 17, copy and paste the following: =AND(LEN(DB.Notes.Contents.FixedAssets.FixedAssetsDonated)=0,DB.Notes.PrintControl.FixedAssetsDonated="Yes") then press ENTER. The condition is changed.
  5. Click the Save icon located in the top menu bar to save the changes. The Notes — Fixed Assets without Revaluation format is saved.
  6. Click Close. The format is closed.
  7. Click Close. The Report Designer is closed.




Insert PR# 147600094686

SR# 147335287131

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