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Reconciling different values for the year to date depreciation after conversion to Assets

This support note applies to:

  • AE Assets (AU)
Article ID: 27419

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) Assets when an Asset Management System (AMS) ledger has been converted, the calculation of the year to date depreciation is performed in Assets.

This is so that from the first use of the AE Assets ledger you can guarantee that the data is synchronised with the existing data in the AMS ledger.  Therefore, the processing of data can continue without disruption.

However, there may be a slight discrepancy between the year to date depreciation figure in AMS to the amount calculated in AE Assets when an asset has been bought or sold part way through the year.

This is due to a change in AE Assets to correctly cater for a leap year.  Where it uses 365 or 366 days as appropriate, instead of 365.25 days for every year, which was the calculation in AMS.

If the AE Assets ledger is integrated to a Management Accounting System (MAS) ledger, it is recommended that the discrepancy be journaled in the MAS ledger to adjust the year to date depreciation to the correct value.


Asset bought on 8/6/2002 for $5000 depreciated at 10% Diminishing Marginal Value:

AMS - Year to date depreciation

This is calculated as follows:

$5000 x 10% = $500 depreciation for the full year.
($500/365.25 days) x 23 days = $31.48

Result is rounded to $31


Converted to AE Assets - Year to date depreciation

When the AMS ledger is converted to Assets the calculation is as follows:

$5000 x 10% = $500 depreciation for the full year.
($500/365 days) x 23 days = $31.50

Result is rounded up to $32.

You will need to account for the $1 discrepancy by processing a journal entry manually to synchronise the AE Assets and the MAS ledger values.
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