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Removing non-existent ledger list entries

This support note applies to:

  • AE System Release (NZ)
  • AE System Release (AU)
Article ID: 27083

In System Services, ledgers that have had data removed may still be displayed on the ledger list. You can remove ledgers from the list with the EPPURGE external routine. The EPPURGE routine checks each ledger entry location and verifies its existence, then removes the entry if it can't find the data.

Only run the EPPURGE routine advised by MYOB Support.

Before you begin, ensure all users are logged out of System Release. If you are a network user, you will need full network rights to the ledger paths before running the routine.

To remove invalid ledgers from the ledger list

  1. Go to your SOL64 folder in X:\sol64, where X:\sol64 is the installation location of System Release.
  2. Copy and paste DS6OP010 in the folder. Copy of DS6OP010 appears in the folder.
  3. Press Windows + R on your keyboard. The Run window appears.

  4. In the Open field, enter x:\sol64\SR EPPURGE, where x:\sol64\is the install location of System Release.

    EPPURGE must be in UPPERCASE.
  5. Click OK then click Yes to the warning message.

The purge of obsolete entries begins. Once complete, the system exits and returns you to the Windows desktop. The obsolete entries have been removed from the ledger list.

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