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Removing the default GST code on an account

This support note applies to:

  • AE Accounts (AU)
Article ID: 35918

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise Accounts (AE Accounts) when you enter data the GST code defaults from a setting on the chart of accounts.

If you wish to make the default GST account blank for an account code you need to set this up in the Ledger > Account and Subaccount Titles.

To remove the GST from an account
  1. Open the Accounts ledger and from the Ledger menu select Account and Subaccount Titles. The Account and Subaccount Titles window opens.
  2. Type the relevant code and press Enter. The focus moves to the Title field.
  3. Press Shift + Tab. The focus moves to the GST field.
  4. Press Delete to remove the default GST code and press Enter through the remaining fields. The GST code is removed and the setting is saved.
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