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Resolving an out of balance Trial balance in AE Accounts

This support note applies to:

  • AE Accounts (AU)
Article ID: 26550

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise Accounts (AE Accounts) you may experience discrepancies in Trial Balance, or between the Trial Balance and the General Ledger report. 

This can be caused by an account being used more than once as a linked account.

To resolve this issue you need to remove any duplicates in the Linked Accounts screen so that all accounts only appear once.

To remove Linked Accounts

  1. Open the Accounts ledger and follow the menu path: Reports > Report Setup > Linked Accounts. The Linked Accounts window appears.
  2. Check that the account codes used on the Debit Account column and Credit Account column appear only once. If there is an account code used more than once, select Edit and focus on the duplicated account code. The duplicated account code is selected.
  3. Type D to delete one of the links. The extra link is deleted.
  4. Then press F4 to save and exit then press F5 to refresh the data. The data is updated. When you view the Trial Balance, it balances and reconciles to the General Ledger report.

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