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Rolling forward a previous year's return that has already been rolled over using System Release

This support note applies to:

  • AE Tax (AU)

These instructions require technical expertise

Make sure you know what you're doing and are using one of the products listed. If you're not sure, ask your IT professional or MYOB.

Article ID: 29470

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) Tax if you roll forward a return and then perform subsequent updates to the prior year return, you may need to roll forward this return into the current year again.

This process brings the updated data into the current year's tax return and all data entered in the current year is replaced with the updated information rolled over.

The following information is only relevant if you use System Release to access AE Tax.

How to roll over using the Retain Schedule data routine
  1. Open AE Tax and open the Tax ledger for the required year. The Select return window appears.

    The Tax ledger you open is the year you are rolling into.

  2. Highlight the client's return and follow the menu path: Utilities > Practice default options > Retain Schedule data. The Retain Schedule Data Options window appears.

    If the Enter Master Password window appears, type your password and press ENTER. The default password is ASSERT.

  3. Select the Force RSD every selected Return option and click Execute. The message "Forcing RSD on the selected returns will overwrite work previously entered this year. Proceed?" appears.
  4. Click Proceed. The Record Selection window appears.
  5. Click in the From field, type the relevant Return Code and press TAB. The cursor appears in the To field.

    The Return Code is the code given to the return you want to roll forward.  The Return Code needs to be entered in both the From and To fields.  Do not use the "By item" option, ensure you use "By Range".

  6. Type the same Return Code in the To field and click OK. The Select return window appears.

    The return has now been rolled forward and the schedule data from the previous year has now been updated into the current year.

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