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Scheduling DataSafe to back up multiple databases or groups

This support note applies to:

  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
Article ID: 28730

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) you have the ability to schedule Datasafe backup's for multiple databases or groups.

To schedule the backup

The following information will step you through this process.

  1. Follow the menu path: Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler.
  2. Click Create Basic Task on the left, enter in the desired task name, press Next, then click Browse.
  3. Select the frequency you wish the backup to occur at, press Next and then enter the time it should commence.

    If you wish to test the procedure first, you may wish this to be in a couple of minutes.

  4. Select Start a Program and press Next.  Next the Program/Script field, press Browse and navigate to the bin directory in your MYOB program directory and select the backup.exe file then click Open. Datasafe is selected.
  5. In the Add arguments field, type /auto.

    Note:  If you are scheduling backups for more than one database or group, create a separate scheduled task for each database or group.  For the scheduled tasks to know which database or group to backup, add the database and group location to the end of the command line, as in the four examples below:

    • /auto /dbpath Q:\myob\data1
    • /auto /dbpath Q:\myob\data2
    • /auto /dbpath Q:\MYOB\data /dbgroup 0
    • /auto /dbpath Q:\MYOB\data /dbgroup 1
  6. Click Next, review the settings you've entered and click Finish. The scheduled Datasafe backup is setup.
    This task now appears in the Scheduled Task folder with the name entered in Step 2. 

If you want to check or amend the details of this scheduled task, this is done by double clicking on it to view the properties.

Once the backups have been scheduled, please take into consideration the following:

  • Remember to leave the PC turned on (this is the PC that you are using to perform the schedule backups) and running during the time you have set for your scheduled backups.
  • If you change your system password for any reason, ensure that you change the password that you entered for the scheduled backup.  The scheduled backup password will not automatically update when you change your system password.  Manually change the password in the scheduled task or the backup will not run.
  • Check that the backups have been completed successfully by looking at the Current online backups list on the DataSafe Utilities window. This field shows a record of the date, times and names of the most current backups in your regular backup cycle.
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