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Sending an invoice to PDF

This support note applies to:

  • AO Classic Practice Management (AU)
Article ID: 27385

Invoices can only be saved as PDF documents if the invoice is created as a custom invoice. The option to save the invoice as a PDF file will appear on the Preview Invoice window. This article explains how to change the invoice setting to create a custom form and save the invoice as a PDF file.

To change the invoice setting
  1. From MYOB Accountants Office Classic (AO Classic) from the Tools menu, select Options.
  2. From the Settings window, click the Invoices tab and then the Invoice Layout sub-tab.
  3. From the Print Invoice using drop-down list select Custom Form.
  4. From the Use Form drop-down list select Standard Invoice.
  5. Click OK. The Settings window disappears.

Any future invoices created can be saved as PDF files.

To save an invoice as a PDF file
  1.     From the Tools menu, select Invoicing.
  2.     Double-click the invoice you wish to save as a PDF file. The Edit Invoice window appears.
  3.     Click the Preview Invoice button.
  4.     Click the To PDF button. The Save as window appears.

The invoice can be given a name and saved to a location of your choosing.

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