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Setting up a MAS ledger for interim accounting

This support note applies to:

  • AE MAS (NZ)
  • AE MAS (AU)
Article ID: 27855

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise MAS (AE MAS), to establish an AE MAS ledger for Interim Reports, you need to use the correct period structure to match the reporting requirements of the ledger.

For example, if you need quarterly reports, establish four maximum periods. This lets the year end date remain unchanged throughout the financial year.

To use Revise Periods to create the period structure for a ledger
  1. Open the AE MAS Ledger and go to Utilities > Revise Periods. The Revise Periods window appears.
  2. Click Year Structure. The Current Year Structure dialogue box appears.
  3. In the Maximum Periods field, enter the required number of periods press Enter on your keyboard.

  4. Click OK. The message Maximum periods has changed. Must regenerate all period dates. Proceed? appears.
  5. Click Yes. The Revise Periods routine proceeds and the Revise Periods window appears.

     The period dates shown on the Revise Periods screen are equally distributed throughout the year. 

  6. Click Execute. The message Period details have changed. Balances to be recalculated. Proceed? appears.
  7. Click Yes. The Journal Entries dialogue box appears.

  8. Click OK. The Revise Periods routine proceeds and the MAS ledger appears.
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