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Setting up email notification for Datasafe backup failure

This support note applies to:

  • Profiles (AU)
  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
Article ID: 28555

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise, you can setup email notification where an email will be generated if your DataSafe backup fails.

DataSafe backups are essential to ensure your data integrity. A DataSafe backup checks the structure of your database files, and will fail if a data file has structural errors. Setting email notification will send an email to the mail recipient if a backup fails, and will insert a log file that will contain details of why the backup failed. If a backup fails, please contact Support.

To setup email notification
  1. At your Windows desktop, click Start and follow the menu path: Programs > MYOB Accountants Enterprise > DataSafe
  2. Click Options. The DataSafe Options screen appears.
  3. Select the Notification tab, and select the Email option. The Send Errors To field is enabled.
  4. Type the relevant email address and press TAB. The cursor moves to the Mail Server field.

    To notify multiple users, type each email address in inverted commas, using the comma to separate each email address eg. ","

  5. Type your mail server name and click Test Notification Now! An email is sent to each email address entered at step 4.

  6. Click OK.

MYOB recommends you take both DataSafe backups and external backups.

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