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Trial Balance out of balance by an amount in the GST account

This support note applies to:

  • AE MAS (NZ)
  • AE MAS (AU)
Article ID: 35440

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise MAS (AE MAS) you may experience the Trial Balance being out of balance by the amount showing in the GST account.  

This can occur if you add the GST account to the chart of accounts while performing data entry.

To resolve this out of balance, you need to run a rebuild in the MAS ledger.

If this occurs in a prior year you need to identify the first year the GST account is out of balance and then process a One Sided Journal in the relevant year to eliminate this value.

To avoid this issue you need to ensure all GST accounts are on the client chart of accounts prior to performing data entry.   If you experience the message "Client tax a/c not on chart, transfer from Master chart?" click No and add this account to the chart via Setup > Client Files > Client Chart instead.

MYOB is investigating this issue.

To add GST account through chart of accounts
  1. Open the AE MAS ledger and follow the menu path: Setup > Client Files > Client Chart. The Client Chart window opens.
  2. Click New. The Client Chart: Add Accounts window opens.
  3. Type or press F10 and select the relevant GST account and click OK. The account is added.
How to run a rebuild
Please ensure you have a backup of the MAS ledger prior to running the rebuild. For more details refer to KB 28045: How do I backup a MAS ledger using System Release?
  1. From the Utilities menu, select Rebuild. The message "The process will rebuild data files & recalculate all balances, any early Exit from this routine, will require a restoration of original data" appears.
  2. Click Proceed. The rebuild is performed. 
To identify the first year affected
  1. From the Utilities menu, select Edit Balances. The Client Chart window appears.
  2. Open the relevant GST account. The Edit Account Balances window appears.
  3. Review the values in the year fields to determine the earliest year with the incorrect balance and click OK. The year is determined and the Client Chart window appears.

    Do not change any values in this window.
  4. Click Cancel. The edit balances windows close.
To process a one sided journal
  1. From the Utilities menu, select One sided journalsOne Sided Journals window opens.
  2. Enter the required date determined from the previous process and click OK. The One Sided Journals data entry window opens.
  3. Perform a transaction to eliminate the value from the relevant GST Account and click OK. The transaction is entered.
  4. Click Exit & Post. The transaction is posted.


PR# 12581808016 

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