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Unable to open workpaper period

In MYOB Client Accounting, you may see the following errors when trying to open a workpaper period.

  • Access Denied

  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

To find out the details of the error, open the ClientFrameWork.log. To find the log file,

  1. Click the Start button and enter %appdata% in the search field.

  2. Go to the MYOB\Roaming\ClientFrameWork folder.

If the error is Access denied

Check the following settings

  • In the Client Accounting tab, go to the Tasks bar on the left and select Edit Configuration. make sure the user name is Administrator. You can’t have any other role assigned to the Administrator username.

  • For an AccountRightLive or New Essentials file, check if the Administrator user has a password.

    • If it does have a password, enter this in the Edit Configuration screen.

    • If there is a password and you have forgotten it, contact the Data File Repair team to remove the password.

  • Make sure that the Administrator user is on the user list and has not been renamed.

  • For AccountRight files, you can add the Admin username from Edit > Configuration.

MYOB Internal notes

When you get an Access Denied error message in the ClientFrameWork.log, get the serial number for the file and the GUID. Then run the Check-User- Users and Role-List all script.

Make sure that of the following:

·        That the Administrator user exists;

·        the Administrator user has only the role of Administrator; and

·        the Administrator user has not been duplicated.

If it is an AccoutRight file, get the client to add a user named Admin. This user can be used to configure the file instead.

Otherwise, the file will need to be sent for a Data File Repair.

If the error is Object reference not set to an instance of an object

This error can happen if the journals are out of balance due to rounding issues.

Some journals that can have this issue include livestock journals and end of year adjustment journals.

You can try deleting the journals and posting them again.

Alternatively, contact Support.

MYOB Internal notes

In the AccountRight Live Monitor, you can run the following scripts:

  • OOB – Combined Diagnostic Script.

    This script will show if there is a corruption and which script to run to check.

  • OOB2 – Invalid Journal Trans

    This script will show if there are any transactions that are out of balance.

  • OOB – Detail Analysis

    This script shows a lot of detail. It may show details of a livestock journal with more than 2 decimal places. 

To fix the AccountRight, New Essentials or MYOB Business file, log a Data File Repair request.

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