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Uninstalling Assets using UNWISE.exe

This support note applies to:

  • AE Assets (AU)
Article ID: 35677

If you need to uninstall AE Assets, there is a special utility you'll need to use to ensure all of the software's components are correctly removed from the PC.

This utility is called UNWISE.exe and is located in the installed location of AE Assets.

To uninstall AE Assets
  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the installed location of AE Assets. This is commonly installed to the following locations:

    Operating SystemDefault Installed Location


    C:\Program Files\MYOB\Assets\
    64-BitC:\Program Files (x86)\MYOB\Assets\
  2. Open the Installation Logs folder and double-click UNWISE.exe. The Open window appears.
  3. Using the Open window, navigate to the Installation Logs folder again.
  4. Once you're in the Installation folder, type s in Filename field. The S6Assets2_X.LOG file appears in the drop-down list, where X is the version of AE Assets.
  5. Select the S6Assets2_X.LOG file and click Open. The Select Uninstall Method window appears.
  6. Select Automatic and click Next. The Perform Uninstall window opens.

    If you are prompted to perform a rollback at this point, click No.
  7. Click Finish. The Assets application is removed.

If you have installed Assets to any other location, you'll also need to run UNWISE.exe utility from that installed location. For example, if you have Installation Logs on C:\ then you need to execute C:\Installation Logs\UNWISE.exe, at step 3 you will need to navigate to C:\Installation Logs\ to select the S6Assets2.x log file.


If UNWISE.exe does not successfully remove Assets from Control Panel and/or you continue to experience problems installing Assets, remove the relevant Assets entry from the registry as follows:

Windows Operating SystemRegistry Key
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