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Viewing an audit trail of client changes in MAS

This support note applies to:

  • AE MAS (NZ)
  • AE MAS (AU)
Article ID: 33483

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise MAS (AE MAS) ledger you can choose to track the changes made to the individual ledger and then review the audit trail report.

To enable the client level audit trail you need to turn on this feature in the Ledger Options.

To turn on client level audit trail
  1. Open the MAS ledger and follow the menu path: Setup > Client Files > Ledger Options. The Ledger Options window appears.
  2. Click the Client audit? field and type Y. The Audit Trail is maintained from this point in time.
  3. Click OK. The Ledger Options window closes.
To view the client level audit trail
  1. Follow the menu path: Reports > Audit Trails > Client File. The Print window opens.
  2. Click the required output option. The Record Selection window opens.
  3. Select the required options and click OK. The report appears at the requested destination and the message "Do you wish to delete the Client File audit trail?" appears.
  4. Click Yes or No as required. The report is available for your review.

    If you select to delete the audit trail you are not able to recover this information.  Any further Client File audit trail details are from this point onwards.
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