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Writing off a SB General Pool balance in AO GL

This support note applies to:

  • AO Classic General Ledger (AU)
Article ID: 37426

In MYOB Accountants Office Classic when the balance of a SB General Pool, after taking into account any additions and disposals but before calculating any deduction is below $20,000 but greater than zero, you can fully deduct the remaining value, resulting in reducing the closing pool balance to zero.

When viewing the Fixed Asset and Depreciation Schedule, for the SB General Pool where the sum of the values in the Opening WDV and Additions Disposals column adds up to less that $20,000 then this indicates that the pool can be full written off.

To write off a SB Pool balance

Perform the following steps in AO Classic.

  1. Open the required General Ledger and select Assets. The Fixed Assets window appears.
  2. Highlight the asset with the pool to write off. The pooled asset is highlighted.
  3. Under the Assets tab change the following settings:
    Link to Group: None
    Depreciation: Write-Off
  4. Click Close to save the changes. Repeat the above steps for each assets under the SB General Pool.
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