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Adding a Sort View to a Batch of Contacts

Accountants Enterprise only

This option allows you to attach a sort view to a batch of contacts.

To add a sort view to one or more contacts
  1. Select Utilities > Sort Views 

  2. Select Batch add Sort Views. The Batch Add Sort View index displays.

  3. From the list of contacts click Toggle for each contact to be included in the process.
    Alternatively, to select several contacts quickly, use the arrow and [Enter] keys.
    To remove a selected contact press [Enter] again. A tick to the left of the contact indicates the sort view will be attached to the contact.

  4. When the contacts are chosen, click Execute. The Add Sort View window displays.

  5. Select:

    • the Sort View to be attached

    • the value if required and

    • set the checkbox to determine if the sort view will be modified if it is already attached to the contact.

  6. Select OK.

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