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Attributes tab

The attributes available on this tab are:

Validate for lodgment

This option performs a validation routine before printing the return. This checks that the return will pass ATO validation, and shouldn't be rejected when lodged.

If the return doesn't pass validation, an error log is produced and the print job is terminated.

(AE, Series 6 & 8)
Print schedule details within income tax return (I
/P/T forms only)
Prints the return with the schedule or grid details at the item, rather than as an accompanying schedule.
Exclude pre-fill labelsWon't print the pre-fill description for data pre-filled from the ATO.
Print estimate after form and schedulesPrints the estimate at the end of the return and schedules, instead of at the beginning of the print job.
Print ELD after form and schedules (client copy only)Prints the ELD at the end of the return instead of before the front cover.
Print ELD in PDF formatPrints the ELD as part of the facsimile printing.
Exclude completion footer (PDF printing only)Won't print the completion code allocated to the return after the return has passed F3 validation. This code is required to output the return for lodgment from the Tag for Lodgment index when the practice's default Completion code validation required has been selected in the Control Record > Defaults tab.
(AE, Series 6 & 8)
New page per worksheet
Starts each MYOB tax worksheet on a new page.
(AE, Series 6 & 8)
New page per note
Starts each MYOB tax note on a new page.
Hide TFNWon't print TFN on any tax returns and accompanying ATO schedules, MYOB tax worksheets, and the taxpayer's tax estimate.
Hide all EFT details (I/C/F/MS/T/EB)Won't print EFT details on the front cover of the tax returns listed. As BSB and account number are not printed on the declaration, part B is not hidden when you select this attribute.
Hide date of birth (I/MS/MC/T/BT/xP)Won't print date of birth on the forms listed.
Exclude depreciation worksheetWon't print the depreciation worksheet (d) with the form. To always print the depreciation worksheet as part of the print job, select a landscape page setup in Print Options.
Include detailed capital gains worksheetPrints the Detailed Capital Gains worksheet with the return.
Include summary capital gains worksheetPrints the Summary of Capital Gains worksheet with the return.
Uppercase front cover textConverts all text on the front cover to uppercase if it's been entered in sentence case.
Include motor vehicle declarationPrints the Motor Vehicle Declaration with the return.
Duplex printingEnables duplex printing if your printer can handle duplex printing.






















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