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Not available in Accountants Office

AutoChange offers a search and replace function for Parameter Tables.

If you have used a Table other than the Master Table for the purpose of calculating the Estimate in several Calculation scenarios, and now want to revert to using the Master Table or another Table, the AutoChange function performs that function.

AutoChange searches through all the calculation scenarios in the Calculations Index and creates another Index which contains all the scenarios that use the same Practice Table rather than the current year Master Parameter table. The Practice Table in the Properties for each calculation may be replaced with the Master Table.

AutoChange deals with one year at a time: Therefore if you have changed Next Year’s table as well, you will need to perform the AutoChange functionality for Next Year as well.

To use AutoChange
  1. Click Maintenance > Parameter Tables.

  2. Highlight the Practice Table for the current year that is to be replaced with the Master Table for the current year and select AutoChange.

  3. At the AutoChange dialog, at the When used as: field select from the list one of the options – in most cases this will be Current Year,

  4. At the With: field select either 2018 Year Defaults to re-establish the Default Master Tables or ‘Selected Year if you want to change to another Practice Table.

  5. Click [OK].

  6. At the Replace Tables Index click [Select] or [Select All].

  7. Click [Execute].

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