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From - To Range

Accountants Enterprise only

By default all contacts in your database will be included in the range. To accept this default, press [Enter] twice.

To restrict the range of contacts included in this operation, complete the 'From' and 'To' fields. This is the range of contacts you wish to include in the process, report or listing. To further restrict the number of contacts included enter a Mask.

The contacts are arranged by contact code, alternate code or alphabetically depending on the selection in the system sequence window.

When you click into the Range field (the From fields) you see that there is more than one value to enter:

  • In the first field of the first line, nominate the first contact (code, alphabetic or alternate code) where the range is to start, and

  • In the second field following the colon, enter C (Contact) or E (Employee). If this field is left blank the process includes all contacts.

The second line of the Range (the To fields) are completed in a similar manner for where the range is to stop.

It should be remembered that the data entered is case sensitive.


To include all contacts within the codes of ALLGPRO and WARD select the Code:Group Type as the system sequence and then select the range as:



The same result is obtained by selecting the Alternate:Group Type as the system sequence and then entering the Alternate codes for these contacts in the From -To range.

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