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How to back up data

Accountants Enterprise only

The Backup wizard helps you to back up data to any drive visible in Windows Explorer that you have read/write access to. This includes zip drives, USBs, and network drives.

The generation number for each ledger increments after completing each backup.

You can only back up files that aren't in use. If you try to backup files that are in use, you'll get an error.

Users can't access the ledger during the backup operation.

To back up data files for a ledger
  1. In the ledger listing window, right click on the ledger and click Backup.
  2. Click Next to open the Confirm Operation window.
  3. Click Next to confirm you want to back up the selected ledger.

  4. From the Ledgers chosen section, select whether to back up the selected ledger, related ledgers or all ledgers in the folder. By default, related ledgers are grouped by Client Code. Tax identifies related ledgers for Tax and CDS. 
    Alternatively, choose the Custom option and select any of the available ledgers by clicking Ctrl and clicking the required ledgers.

  5. Click Next to open the Select backup location and name window.

  6. Choose the Backup location by clicking the Select device button and choosing the drive to receive the backup.

  7. Click the Browse button to select a location within the selected drive.

  8. Type a name for the backup file in the Backup name field.

  9. Click Next to open the Completing the Ledger Backup Wizard screen.

  10. Click Finish to confirm the action and complete the backup process.

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