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Lodge Form CP

The ATO no longer accepts this form via PLS. So you'll not be able to lodge this form in MYOB Tax.

The Correspondence Preferences transmission file is called CP01. When created from Maintenance > Agents > Corresp. Pref the transmission only contains data related only to the Agent and is located in the data directory for that Agent. The CP01 created from Utilities > Control Record > Corresp. Pref contains data for the default Agent.

Under normal circumstances, the Lodge CP form function relies on the transmission file being created and sent on the same day.

The CP01 file comprises:

  • one Form CP carrying general information regarding this transmission, and

  • one Schedule L for the Agent where changes are detected, and/or

  • one Schedule Z (but not more than 50) for Returns belonging to clients of the Agent, and where the Return Correspondence Preferences have changed since the last time the Lodge CP form function was selected for this Agent.

The minimum a CP01 file can include is:
• a Form CP and one Schedule L, or
• a Form CP and one Schedule Z

The options available with Lodge CP form are:

Auto (updated since last sent): Choosing this option will ensure that any change in the Practice Correspondence Preferences since the date printed to the left of the Updated since last sent will be included in the file to be transmitted to the ATO. Additionally, any changes made to Return Properties, Correspondence Preference since that date will also be transmitted.

If new clients join the Practice, it will be necessary for the Agent to lodge the relevant CU form prior to lodging CP and Schedule Z.

Updated since: Choosing this option will allow you to enter a date prior to today's date and after the last update recorded on the dialogue. This option provides a report of the changes that have occurred during that period.

Print report: This allows you to print the content of the Form CP and the Schedule L as well as any Schedules Z that have been included since the last transmission of the CP. It is suggested that you preview this print out prior to lodging the CP.

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