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Other income - Category 4 worksheet (oiv)

You must use this worksheet to enter any Other income received from ATO Category 4 sources for label Y.

Enter the total income amount for the income type and code. to dissect that amount press Alt+S at the oiv income item to open a grid.

For PLS lodgment, each expense must be categorised as either:

  • Other unrelated to fin inv income (that is the default), or
  • Related to financial investment.

The label V amount entered is passed to the first of the Orange columns: Other unrelated to fin inv.

If it is related to Financial investment, then enter the amount that is Related to financial investment column.

The amount in the Unrelated column will reduce by the amount entered in the other column.

If you do not dissect the amount then it will be lodged as Unrelated to to Financial investment. The ATO cross matches certain types of income with their internal records.

See Item 24 Other income on the ATO website for further information.

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