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Print Parameter Tables

Not available in Accountants Office

The Print Parameter Tables screen is used for selectively printing the parameter tables.

How to print parameter tables
  1. Click Maintenance > Parameter Table > Print, or click Reports > Parameter Tables.

  2. Select one or more rate tables to be included in the report.
    • Resident Tax Rates

    • Non-Resident Tax Rates

    • Resident Minor Tax Rates

    • Non-Resident Minor Tax Rates

    • Tax Offsets/HECS/Medicare

  3. Click OK.
    • If you have started to print from the Reports menu, you will be offered to print a range of parameter tables according to year and description.

    • If required, set the Mask to be applied.
      A mask is a sorting device that allows only the table with the attributes you want to be included in the print run.

    • Click OK to continue.

  4. At the Preview/Print screen select the printing options for this report and click OK.

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