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Accountants Enterprise only

Users added to System Release have access to MYOB application ledgers.

Each user can have their own user profile to store their own preferences and defaults.

To add a new user
  1. From the Navigation bar, click Administration > User Accounts to open the User Accounts window.

  2. Click File > New to open the New User properties window.

  3. Enter the User Code.

  4. Enter the user Name.

    User Login names are case sensitive. Hence, two users cannot exist as USER1 and user1.

  5. If required, enter a Password for the user. This password must be entered each time this user logs in.
  6. To cause the Access Gateway window to be displayed whenever a user logs in, select the Gateway Mandatory option.

    Where the user code and network login are identical, leave this checkbox unticked for faster login.

  7. Enter the Security level for the user.

  8. The Local Path and Net Path fields store temporary files. Click [Enter] at these fields and they are automatically pre-filled for you.

  9. To enter user preference details, open the Preferences tab.

  10. To confirm adding the new user, click [OK]. The New User Properties window closes and the new user details are displayed in the User Maintenance window.

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