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Working with an existing ELS activity statement

This feature is available if you've installed version 2018.1 or later.

If there are completed or in-progress activity statements in ELS that haven't been lodged yet, they will fail validation due to a missing field (Form Type). See Activity statement form types in PLS for more information.

To resolve this validation error:

  1. Request for an Activity Statement Lodgment Report (ASLRPT) or perform a Single request to download the activity statement from the ATO.
  2. Click the Client Name link to open the activity statement in the activity statement obligations (ASO) homepage. See Activity statement obligations homepage (ASO).
    You'll see this window:

  3. Click Yes to create an activity statement with the pre-fill information data from the ATO.

By opening the ELS activity statement in the ASO homepage, existing ATO prefill data is overwritten. Other user-entered data isn't affected.

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