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For the Addresses for the practice click Utilities > Control Record > Addresses Tab.

The Practice Addresses records the address details for your practice. The Postal address and Previous Postal Address are used in the preparation of income tax returns when the lodging agent is the default agent for the practice. The Alternate Address is used for letter writing purposes.

The four line address format adopted by the Australian Government is used by the ATO and therefore applies to all Form types and is relevant to all return Addresses.


Line 1

Number and Street Name (38 characters only)

Line 2

Additional Street Name details. If Street address fits on first line, leave the second line blank. (38 characters only)

Line 3

Town/Suburb (27 characters only)

Line 4

State (3 characters); and Postcode (4 characters)


Ensure that the Suburb or City is always keyed on Line 3.

The Alternative Address which is not used in the tax return is not required to follow this format.

Postal Address

This is the address for Service of Notices and is the default for the Practice. This address will default as the Current Postal Address on the front cover of each income tax return prepared for lodgment by the default agent of the practice.

Previous Address

This is the Practice's previous address in the year the practice moved to new premises. This address should be keyed at the beginning of the new tax year.

Previous Address details are not rolled over from one year to the next.

Where the Previous and Current postal addresses are the same, the Previous Address will not be printed on the Front Cover, nor output for electronic lodgment, even though it is displayed in the data entry screen.

Alternative Address

This address would usually be the Street Address as opposed to the Post Office Box address. Two lines of 38 characters are available for this address. Letter Writing fields are available for this address.

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