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Encrypting the PDF File

When completing the Portable Document File (PDF) Wizard there is an Encrypt PDF file checkbox in both the Specify PDF file details and Specify email settings screens.

Selecting to encrypt the PDF file

Encrypting enables you to protect the clients privacy by applying a password to the file. Whoever opens an encrypted file must enter a password before they can read it.

For example, when one of your clients receives a PDF of their tax return via email and tries to open it they will be prompted to enter a password. If they do not enter the correct password it will not open.

PDF passwords are case sensitive.

Practice Configuration Settings

The PDF defaults are set:

  • for the Practice in the Control Record Defaults (Utilities > Control record > Defaults Tab) or

  • for the Agent Defaults (From your Tax ledger, click Maintenance > Agents > Agent Properties > Defaults Tab) and result in the PDF wizard is as shown here:

Your practice can set their encryption policy for the practice as a whole as well as for each agent of the practice. Refer to PDF Encryption.

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