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Event Log

Accountants Enterprise only

All system generated errors are written to the system log file and can be viewed by selecting Administration > Event log.

The log file is called SREVENT.LOG and is located in the system directory (that is, \SOL64). This file can also be viewed and printed from a MS-DOS command prompt.

Entries in this file consist of a line for each event containing information such as:

  • date in dd/mm/yyyy format

  • time in 24 hour format (that is, hh:mm:ss)

  • level showing the severity (for example, information

    , alert 
    or stop)

  • user code

  • machine name (workstation)

  • application in use at time of the event

  • text description of the event.

This menu option is only be available if system control has been invoked for security level 6 users.

To open the Event log
  1. Click Administration > Event log to open the Event log.

  2. Click the arrow to reverse the sort sequence for the selected column.

  3. In the toolbar, click 

    to exit this window.

To clear the Event log
  1. Click Administration > Event log.

  2. Click 

    to clear the log file.

  3. Click 

    to exit this window.

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