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Invoice Layout in a text letter

AE Tax only

The Invoice Layout Selection screen displays when you select to print an invoice from the Print Return screen.

There is one invoice layout available for an entity (where the taxpayer is a Company, Fund, Partnership or Trust).

If a layout other than the four default layouts is required, click Edit then [F10] for an index of practice letters from which to choose.

At the Starting Invoice Number field, you may enter an invoice number. The maximum available field length is ten numeric characters. The invoice number is augmented by one with every subsequent invoice printed.

Make sure that the field ^#60 which is the special field designed as the Invoice number accumulator, is included in any layout chosen otherwise no Invoice number will be printed.
To do this, click Maintenance > Letter Writing > Practice Letters.
Select the desired layout from this Index and type ^#60 at the position you wish the invoice number to print.
Where it is required to preface the invoice number with a description (for example, 'Invoice No.'), this description should be typed before the ^#60.

The invoice field is only available when an Invoice is printed to the printer and only when printing from the Print Returns option in the Reports menu. It cannot be used if you are using the Letters option in the Reports menu.

Example of a text letter Invoice



^A193 See word processing fields to view

^A194 the fields available

^A195 for use in document or note preparation


Ref: ^A101

Invoice Number: ^#60 for Preparation of ^A106 return

Dear ^A197

This document is to demonstrate how your practice can prepare an invoice using the word processing features of Tax.

An invoice amount can be included and invoiced. In this example you are about to be invoiced for the following amount $^A127. This figure can be included for a return after selecting the invoice option when adding a return.

The estimate of your tax payable for this year is $^#14. This should be included in your notice of assessment issued by the ATO.

(As per ^D491).

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