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Item T9 - Other non-refundable tax offsets

See Item T10 label C on the ATO website for further information.

Label C - Other non-refundable tax offsets

Other non-refundable tax offsets are calculated in the Other non-refundable tax offsets (oos) worksheet. Refer to Other non-refundable tax offsets dialog.

Click the relevant buttons in the dialog to enter amounts for:

The total of non-refundable tax offsets is then integrated into label C.

Do not try to claim the Low income tax offset (LITO) or the Low-middle-income tax offset (LMITO) at this item.

MYOB Tax will calculate any entitlement to either or both those offsets and include them in the F4 estimate.

The ATO will do likewise and include them in the Notice of assessment (NoA)

See Personal income tax plan

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