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Menu Level Security (MLS) Setup

Accountants Enterprise only

Access to Menu Level Security (MLS) functions depends on your users security level.

MLS allows you to control user access to specific menu options within the application ledgers. Each application ledger has a list of MLS codes that enable specific menu options based on the security level of the user. See:

The system allows you to add MLS codes to application templates and/or to specific ledgers. You are able to allocate security levels to each MLS code entered in the ledger or template MLS tables. This effectively defines the security level required to access a particular menu option within the relevant application.

Security controls for application ledgers consist of two primary components:

  • Firstly, each user has a specific security level. This security level determines the availability of certain menu options within the system. For example, only users with a security level of 6 or higher may access Maintenance menu options.

  • Secondly, security levels can be applied to menu options for the application. For example, in Tax, you can restrict access to the Utilities menu by applying menu level security. Only users with a security level equal to or higher than the level you specify can access options on the Utilities menu.

Menu level security maintenance for each application type is located within Template Maintenance.

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