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Printing Letters

The Print Letter Options allow you to generate your letter using text letters layouts. This process is not a wizard, there is no step back.

  1. Click Reports > Letters to open the Print Letter Options window.

  2. At the Letter Code field enter the code of the letter or click [F10] to browse to it. If you do not enter a letter code here the default letter layout will be used.

  3. At the Office Index Mask field use an Office Index Mask, if required. Refer to Office Index Mask.

  4. At Selection determine what returns will have letters printed:

    • Primary Range

    • Secondary Range

    • Tertiary Range

    • Batch - This provides an index of all returns on Tax from which a batch of returns may be selected individually.

      To print a letter for a single return, click Batch and select from the list of returns.

    • (AE, Series 6 & 8) Click OK to open the Record Selection according to range or batch:

    • (AE, Series 6 & 8) When printing letters by range, the sort sequence and range of returns to be printed are specified. Refer to Record Selection.

    • (AE, Series 6 & 8) When printing letters by batch select one or more returns from the index. Refer to Print Letters by Batch.

  5. Click OK to continue to the Preview/Print screen and select the printing options for previewing and printing.

  6. Click OK to continue.

Assessment notices (by batch)

When entering assessment notices (by batch), an option to print a letter automatically occurs at the end of the batch update routine. The letter to be printed defaults to the Master Letter Layout - AssBLet, but you may select a customised Practice Letter Layout.

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