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Printing the FBT return

If you are lodging via PLS, the ATO advises that the only document that is required by law to be printed is the Electronic Lodgment Declaration (ELD). Both the tax agent and the taxpayer must keep a copy of this ELD for five years and be able to present it to the ATO if requested so to do.
To print the Electronic Lodgment Declaration (ELD)
  1. From within a the return, Go to Reports > Print ELD. If your client has more than one type of return in preparation or previously lodged, then all their ELD types are listed. This example shows a company return that also has an FBT return (EB) completed and ready to lodge once the client has signed the ELD:

    As the ELDs for the various form types differ, it is important to print the correct one.

To print a client copy of the return
  1. Go to Reports > Print Return.
  2. Select the FBT return from the list at the Form Type: field.
  3. Type the number of Copies to be printed.
  4. Complete other fields as required by your practice (e.g. letter or invoice) and click OK.

    You can also print a client copy of the FBT return and the ELD from Reports > Schedule. Tick the Include ELD checkbox on the right of the screen under ATO forms (see point 7).
  5. Go to Reports > Schedule.

  6. Select the return from the list of schedules at Options: Form or schedule.

  7. On the Print Schedule Options screen, tick the Include ELD check-box under ATO forms on the lower right-hand side.

  8. Click OK when finished.

If you are preparing an FBT return for paper lodgment, you must print it as an ATO-PDF found under Reports > Tax Office copy PDF A wizard is provided to guide you through the process. See Facsimile Preview and Print.
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