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Submitting a Support Request online via my.MYOB

The MYOB website is a resource providing information on all your ledger applications — this includes technical knowledge, known issues, handy hints, marketing, training courses, and more.

Support will often ask for a copy of the tax return to assist resolving a client problem. For information on how to Export a return refer to Exporting Returns.

How to log a support call
  1. Open your Internet Explorer and enter in the address field (or click the hyperlink). The my.MYOB home page appears.

  2. Select Support > Support Requests.

  3. Select the Create a new Support Request button.

  4. From the lists provided at these fields, select:

    • Product,

    • Version, and

    • Module.

  5. Enter text for the Subject.

  6. Enter an Issue Description up to 2000 characters, including:

    • a statement of the problem

    • steps that produce the problem

    • exact wording of any messages displayed when you encountered the problem and

    • steps you have taken to resolve, or get around, the problem.

  7. At the File Attachment fields click Browse to locate up to three files to be attached to your request for support.

  8. Click Submit to add your new request to the Support Requests list as ‘open’.

  9. You can revisit this site at any time to check on the entries added by support under for the Resolution to your request.

  10. Untick the Show my support requests only to view requests from other clients.

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