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Not available in Accountants Office

The Flexi Report - Filter Tab provides further criteria for specifying the flexi report(s) to be printed. A return must satisfy all selection criteria in order to print.

Select Only Returns With Schedule: Click [F10] to choose the form, schedule or worksheet that you wish to report on.

Report on fields in the selected schedule: This field is self-explanatory.

Select on Schedule? To report on the fields contained in the schedule, tick this checkbox. To report on the fields in the main return, leave the checkbox unticked.

Field Selection

You can report on a range of values in a particular field of the return; for example, taxable income between $30,000 and $45,000 or date of birth between two dates.

Fields: Click [Fields] to view the help topics on the Field codes available.

Field Code: Enter the field code that you would like to report on.

Lower Bound: Enter the lower limit of the data to include on the report.

Upper Bound: Enter the upper limit of the data to include on the report.

Mask: Optionally, specify a mask for the data.

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